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Panda- Chalta Rahega , Chalta Rahega

E-rickshaws offer a convenient and eco-friendly mode of travel, especially in urban areas. Passengers benefit from an affordable and sustainable mobility option with minimal environmental impact.

Bison Plus- Har Dukan Ka Sathi

E-rickshaw loaders offer a versatile and eco-friendly solution for short-distance logistics, facilitating the movement of items within urban areas. This efficient mode of transportation contributes to reduced emissions and lower operating costs.

Skyy Box- Ab Delivery Hoga Asahna

It offers eco-friendly and cost-effective delivery solutions while contributing to reduced emissions and operational expenses. Electric delivery vans are gaining popularity for their sustainability and suitability for urban logistics.

Vegetable Cart- Ab Har Koi Bechega



Combining mobility with sustainability, it offers a convenient platform for vendors to showcase and sell vegetables within communities. E-rickshaw vegetable carts contribute to eco-friendly and accessible local food distribution.

E-Garbage - Lets clean our city

With its eco-friendly design and compact size, it’s well-suited for navigating urban areas to manage waste disposal efficiently. E-rickshaw garbage vans contribute to cleaner cities and reduced carbon footprint in waste management.

Food Van -Chalta Phirta Dukan

With its compact design and eco-friendly nature, it offers a mobile and efficient solution for catering services and street food vendors. E-rickshaw food vans contribute to sustainable food distribution while providing a unique dining experience.

Skyy Box XL- More Space More Delivery

Combining eco-friendliness with ample cargo space, it’s an efficient solution for urban logistics, contributing to reduced emissions and operational costs. E-rickshaw large delivery vans are ideal for businesses seeking sustainable and practical transportation options.

Bison- Har Dukan Ka Sathi

It provides a flexible and environmentally friendly solution for local deliveries and transportation of items. E-rickshaw open loaders offer ease of loading, efficiency, and reduced emissions, making them ideal for urban logistics.

Ice Cream Cart- Ice Cream Ice Cream

Offering mobility and eco-friendliness, it’s a convenient platform for vendors to offer frozen treats in various locations. E-rickshaw ice cream carts provide a sustainable and refreshing way to enjoy ice cream on the go.